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At Assets Holding, the goal is to provide assistance for all those who seek financial independence. All the needed tools are put in place to ensure this very important objective is achieved. For those who want to interact with a leader in this niche of the business, this brand is for you.

Accelerate your success

Asset Holding is a formally registered Panama company. With the focus on investments that works as a high-yield and long-term private investment program. By virtue of registration, our investment company is able to enjoy a number of benefits such as maximal transaction speed, security assurance, optimal regulation and flexibility of processes. This form of investment is one that is fully supported by the forex market trading activities and investments in numerous other funds and enterprises especially cryptocurrency deals.

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Our Features

Main Reasons To Choose Us

Quick Withdrawals

As we know how important and crucial it is for you to always be able to gain access to your funds, we have ensured the automation of the withdrawal process.


Our investment packages are in several areas and that translates to a more reliable and stable brand for you, one that you can rely on over time.

Maximal Transparency

Our teams of professionals are always on hand ensuring the highest levels of transparency are employed in reaching the most excellent decisions.

Professional Customer Experience

With years of experience, our experts in the customer service unit are always more than ready and eager to assist you every step of the way. If you happen to have any question, you can always reach our customer care agents who are also available online or you can get across to them by email.

Platform Security

We do not joke with security and in line with this, we have procured the most sophisticated forms of security. These packages ensure that you are protected at all times whenever there is any kind of attack. Client data are stored in the most secure systems and it is never compromised.

Minimal Entry Limit

There is a minimal amount of investment and that allows practically anyone to join the system as an investor. So, irrespective of the amount of funds that you have, you are always able to join and make the best of all the opportunities.

Referral program

For those who are interested in earning even more, there is a referral program in place that can allow you to do just that. By referring others, you can earn as much as 4% of all the deposits made via referrals.